Some Notes on the Robustness of k-Coherence and k-Entanglement


It has been asked whether or not two related measures of k-coherence, called the standard and generalized robustnesses of k-coherence, are equal to each other when restricted to pure states. A similar question has also been asked about analogous measures of Schmidt rank k-entanglement when restricted to pure states. We answer both of these conjectures in the affirmative by showing that the standard robustnesses satisfy the same formulas that are known to hold for the generalized robustnesses.



  • Preprint from arXiv:1806.00653 [quant-ph]

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  • N. Johnston, C.-K. Li, S. Plosker, and Y.-T. Poon. Some notes on the robustness of k-coherence and k-entanglement. E-print: arXiv:1806.00653 [quant-ph], 2018.